HaRaZäN stands for Hamburg Bicycle Counting Network.

We are setting up a network of automatic continuous counting stations to record Hamburg's bicycle traffic.


With HaRaZäN we can count bicycle traffic 24/7, 365 days a year and thus obtain a very high data quality as well as a reliable overall picture of bicycle traffic (not only at individual hot spots). The data form the basis for the expansion of bicycle and enable a sensible and efficient division of traffic areas in the sense of the FHH's mobility transition. The data is published via the "Urban Data Platform Hamburg" and the traffic portal of the City of Hamburg.

Data protection

Foto_HaRaZäN TCam.jpg

The traffic volume is recorded using anonymizing thermal imaging cameras and evaluated for qualifying and quantified traffic data in real time. Compliance with data protection is already made possible by the technology used (thermal imaging cameras):

  • No individuals can be identified
  • No number plates can be identified
  • No recording of the environment (hidden zones)

Find out more on the associated municipal website (in German).